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You Do not Bring Me Flowers Anymore – 5 Tips for Being Adored Again

Anybody who has been in a relationship for more than a few years knows the feeling when the romance has cooled. If your relationship is in a romantic rut, try my 4 secrets for getting him to adore you again.

Secret # 1: Be up front about how you really feel:

We all want to be understood, right? But, do you ever get the feeling he is just not picking up the cues you are giving about how you are feeling? I suggest giving up on having him guess what is going on in your head. Instead, you will get much more mileage from changing your tactics a bit. Try this: when something is on your mind, let him know just how you are feeling. "Can we talk for a minute? I want to share what I am feeling right now" should work great. You will not believe how much saying this will get him to tune into your emotional state.

Secret # 2: Show him your own style:

Whatever you have been keeping yourself in tip-top shape or have let yourself go a bit in recent years, you are still all woman. Your man's attraction to you will go up tenfold if you start showing confidence in your looks again. Hint: try focusing on your best asset and learn to show it off again. Strut your stuff and let him know you have still got it. Doing this will light his fire.

Secret # 3: Acknowledge his uniqueness:

Every man has some special skill or ability, and your man is no exception. Acknowledge his specialness daily in your words, your actions, and your facial expressions. Let him know you see him for who he is and that you respect him. This will put your man on Cloud 9 and make him want to be around you even more.

Secret # 4: Give him his space:

Sometimes, when we feel distant from our man we can tend to crow him a bit. Here is a common scene: she tries to move closer and he backs off emotionally – and then the cycle just repeats itself. Try some reverse psychology here. The next time he telegraphs to you that he needs some space, try acquiescing immediately. Your supportive attitude and understanding will actually make it feel even closer to you. If you do this, he may still go off into his cave sometimes, but his return will be swifter. And when he does, he will actually feel closer to you than before he left.

If your man has not welcomed you roses laTely, taking some simple steps to get know him again and let him know you better can make all the difference in the world.

Source by Marie-Claire Smith

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