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Win Any Man's Heart Forever – Trust in These 3 Secrets

Have you ever wondered about how you could get a man to fall for you like a ton of bricks? Have you had trouble moving beyond a few casual dates? Can you not even remember the last time a guy was head over heels into you? Most girls know how to get a guy into the sheets with them – that's the easy part. Very few girls, however, know how to keep his heart pounding for them for the long term. Elevate your romance with the man of your choice by adhering to these really easy principles and get ready for results – he'll be yours for real and forever.

You can not get him to love you if you do not love yourself. That's a fact. If you kick things off by showing him that you need him to make you feel good about yourself, you're not going to get to the next level. So, after you decide to win him over, wake up each day and remind yourself how awesome you really are. Keep a journal of all the great things that fill your days with joy. Count your blessings. You're probably still single at this stage, so you have plenty of opportunity to hang out with friends, bond with family, chill, and party. It's important to keep things even and make sure you have plenty of time for just you and yourself to sit back and relax – never give up that special time to be alone.

Communicating with your man is of utmost importance. Just being a plaything for his lusty desires will not make your man into your mate. If you really want to draw him in, then show him that you want to really hear him out. If you're a friend to him when he needs one, he'll remember that forever, and keep coming back for me. In the end, he'll have the double whammy – a hot babe who is actually fun and comfortable to hang out with. In the end, it's your charm and your wits that will keep him in your life forever – not your amazing butt.

Always make sure to be at ease and relaxed when you're around your man. We were not put on this planet to be uptight. Show him that you know what it means to hang loose. No matter what you guys decide on as an activity, always show him the cool and fun parts of your personality. Do not be afraid to crack some jokes – having a sense of humor will make sure that he knows you know how to keep things real.

If you stay true to these little rules, it's a cinch to win any man's heart forever.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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