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Best Herbs For Conditions Experienced by Mothers of Special Needs Children

I love herbs! They are a natural source for maintaining and improving our health. They are easy to use and are assimilated quickly by our bodies. I use them for my whole family, even with my 3-year old.

These are herbs that can be helpful for you, as a mother of special needs children. We are under such incredible pressure and stress that often our body sufferers and exhibits some negative side effects in the form of reduced energy, anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc. Any of these sound familiar?

Here is a list of a few herbs that can be helpful. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and I recommend you consult a holistic practitioner before adding any new product to your health regimen. Dosages would be based on the form (tincture, capsule, tea) that you choose to take.

Improved energy -Ashwaganda is an herb from India and is known as Indian ginseng. When the stress of your life has emptied your energy tank, fill it back up with Ashwaganda.

Headaches -Chamomile tea is the most common remedy for this. It is very relaxing. Caution: If you are allergic to ragweed, you should avoid chamomile as it is in the same family.

Lower anxiety -In addition to chamomile, which can also be used for anxiety, Lady's Slipper is an orchid known for its effect on an exhausted nervous system. It has quick activity and can restore a calm outlook.

Insomnia -Valerian root is a common herb used for insomnia. You can find it in tincture or powdered form, capsules, or tea. It does not taste very well so if using it in powdered form, you can mix it with other herbs such as peppermint, chamomile or lavender to improve the taste.

Menstrual discomfort -Raspberry-leaf tea has been used for ages to assist with menstrual discomfort. This tea is easily found in grocery stores. Please remember to use organic when available.

Adrenal support -The adrenals, two small glands responsible for manufacturing hormones and energy, are easily taxed under stress and Licorice root provides the building blocks to produce and replace these hormones.

Depression -The most common herb used for depression is St. Louis. John's Wort. and it can also be used for anxiety and insomnia. However, if you are already taking a psycho-active medication, you should definitely consult your doctor before adding St. Louis. John's Wort to your regimen. There can be contraindications.

Herbs do not always work as quickly as over-the-counter or prescription medications but they are more gentle on the body and help to get the body back into its' natural state of health. So be patient, and let them do their work. You will be pleasantly satisfied with the results.

Source by Julie McAllister

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